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JAM Card to be turned into an app

JAM Card NOW Group supporting people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future

Gauge’s parent organisation NOW Group have created an app for mobile phones called The JAM Card (an abbreviation of ‘Just a Minute’) that people with learning disabilities/difficulties can use to alert staff in retail outlets, public/private transport providers and other areas of public life they need Just A Minute of patience and time when interacting with them.

NOW Group support people with learning difficulties into training and employment and the JAM Card was the idea of their service users who said they often felt under pressure when they were out and about in every-day life and would like a discreet way of letting people know that they needed a little extra time.

Feedback shows that people feel more confident in public when they use the JAM Card. Some people who would have previously relied on their parents or taxis to travel now feel able to take public transport by themselves as they can show the bus driver the JAM Card and get the extra time they need to buy their ticket.

The JAM Card began as a plastic credit card sized card which says ‘Just a Minute’ on one side and ‘Please be patient, I have a learning difficulty’ on the other. Hundreds of people are already using the plastic card throughout Northern Ireland but NOW Group wanted a way to reach more people and felt that developing the card into a digital app would allow more people to access it and could also provide additional functionality as well as data feedback. Funding from both Big Lottery and Nominet Trust have allowed the organisation to invest in developing the app and getting feedback from users.

The card and the app are both free, the card is available now by getting in touch with NOW Group on 02890 436400 or and the app will be available to download from your app provider in the next few weeks. Watch a video about the JAM Card here

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