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Measuring the social impact of Nexus NI

Nexus NI Impact Card - measuring social impact Northern Ireland
Nexus NI offer counselling and support to survivors of sexual abuse, victims of sexual violence including those who have experienced rape and sexual assault. Gauge NI worked with Nexus to provide a full Social Return on Investment (SROI) Report and then a condensed version in an impact card. The impact card brings together key facts from the full report in a colourful, easy to read document. We spoke to Nexus NI Chief Executive Pam Hunter about the process. 
Why did you decide to measure the impact of your work?
When I first joined Nexus three years ago one of the first things I did was get the SROI report done. There was a need to demonstrate the value of the work we do and we needed to do it in a different language than we were used to. I knew that when, for example, we were writing funding applications having these results would be great ammunition and really help us demonstrate the work we do.
How did you find the process of measuring your social impact?
The development of the report itself was a smooth process for us. We deal with a very sensitive and emotive issue and were pleased that Gauge dealt with this sensitively and respectfully.
How have you used your SROI report? 
We were very happy with the final report and the impact card has been fabulous. We have given it out to everybody we meet, we have included the results in our main tender application and sent it to all our local politicians. I have been on the radio about 17 times in the past year speaking about the work we do and I have used parts of the report to demonstrate this. 
What has the response been from your stakeholders?
In times of austerity funders will look to low hanging fruit as the first thing to cut and for many that is the community and voluntary sector. But being able to demonstrate just how valuable our work is negates that. It has also been incredibly useful in work like our political engagement because it talks to politicians in their language – by actually measuring the monetary value of our work.
You can find out more about the work of Nexus NI on their website and view their Impact Card here.
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