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Measuring the social impact of Community Transport in Northern Ireland

SROI Evaluation of Community Transport Northern Ireland
Easilink Community Transport provide transport to people living in rural areas across Omagh, Strabane and Derry who have difficulty or are unable to access transport. Gauge NI worked with Easilink to carry out a full Social Return on Investment (SROI) report to demonstrate the value of the service and also produced a condensed version in an impact card. The impact card brings together key facts from the full report in a colourful, easy to read card. 
We spoke to Easilink Chief Executive Paddy McEldowney about measuring their impact.
Why did you decide to measure the impact of your work?
We were very aware ourselves of the value of the work we did but we had no formal way of bringing it together and actually showing it. We realised that if we wanted to back up the value of our work we would have to do something about it. 
A big push for us was appearing in front of the Committee for Regional Development in the NI Assembly; we gave a presentation and were able to say how fantastic we are. One of the MLAs said, “Prove it, people always tell us how great they are but how do you prove it?”  I think that was the kick we needed to get started on the SROI process.
Measuring the social impact of Community Transport Northern Ireland
How have you used your SROI report and Impact Card? 
We actually launched the report at an event in Stormont and have been back there twice to talk to politicians about our work and how valuable it is. We’ve also been to other events with MLAs and the first thing we give them is our impact card because it really does have an impact. We have found it to be so beneficial, it is a really useful tool so we take it with us everywhere we go to hand out.
We have appeared in the community transport trade magazine and have generally been able to shout louder about the work we do. It is also something we will be able to use as a good lobbying tool because rather than now tell people how great we are and how important we are to the individuals and families we support we can actually show them and prove it.
Nigel Dodds and Community Transport Northern Ireland
How did you find the process of measuring your impact?
We found the process very straightforward and were always kept updated by Gauge on how things were going. It was all very well structured and easy to deal with.
After the process of measuring it all was over, Gauge presented us with a full report on our social value and what our social return on investment is. They also provided us with an impact card, which shows our impact in an easy to read and simple way.
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